Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Oct 2023


To provide you with all information regarding our products and services, we must process certain information about you. The type of information we collect starts with you signing up for an account on the Platform, giving necessary information for opening of your account, such as your name, country of residence and email. We also collect the information regarding your IP address, log data and purchase code, as well as the information provided by cookies. You can learn how to access and delete information we collect upon request.

Things that you provide Information and content, you provide: We ask for and you provide us the necessary basic information about you when you sign up for an account on our Platform. The necessary data is requested in order to create your personal account that enables you to use all functionalities of the Platform, including but not limited to purchase of WordPress website themes (“Themes”) and ordering and obtaining of support services (“Services”). This information includes: your name and surname, country of residence, email address, as well as certain related information like your company name and website name, when you register for an account as legal entity. We refer to any information described above as ‘’Account Information’’ for the purpose of this Policy. By voluntarily providing us with Account Information, you represent that you are the owner of such personal information or otherwise have the requisite consent to provide it to us. Your Account Information is not publicly available and we do not publish on Platform any information provided by you, except the user name you have chosen when opening your account.


In some situations, we need to obtain some information about you from third parties to whom you have provided certain information about yourself. This information is necessary for your uninterrupted use of the Platform’s functionalities.

When you use the Platform for purchase of the Themes and/or Services, we need to receive financial and/or transaction details from payment providers with whom you have made such payment. As we are the receiving party for such financial transaction, we need to have this information so we can be properly informed about the payment and provide you with purchased Themes and/or Services.

We also may receive information from other third-party sources, whereby we receive additional information about you (to the extent permitted by applicable law), such as fraud detection information, and combine it with information we have about you. Such data may be necessary to prevent frauds and secure safe and uninterrupted use of the Platform.


We use the information to enable your use of the Platform and its features and to assure security of use and prevent any potential abuse. We may use the information that we collect for a variety of purposes including:

Promotion — With your consent we send promotional communications, such as providing you with information about products and services, features, surveys, newsletters, offers, promotions, contests and events;

Promote safety and security — We use the information we have to verify accounts and activities, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of the Platform, and promote safety and security. For example, we use data we have to investigate suspicious activity or violations of our terms or policies. When necessary we conduct the identity check of the users within the comment section in order to prevent the abuse of the comments and reviews.

Verification of Services — We use the information we have in order to perform necessary checks and verifications regarding the use of support services. For example, we use purchase codes to verify whether you are entitled to use Services that you have gained by purchasing Theme via third-party website.

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